Codex Steward

Journal- Issue 1

A truly data-driven mindset and culture is visible and nurtured at all levels of the organisation, across all functions and all dimensions of the workforce.

– Jane Crofts

We are pleased to launch the inaugural issue of STEWARD, the quarterly publication from CODEX. The journal captures the voice of global influencers and industry leaders in the field of Data and Analytics. It will enable the readers to learn from industry experts on topics like data culture, literacy, change, and leadership.

The August 2021 issue focuses on the state of data culture, the importance of data literacy, and the role of leadership in driving the data and cultural transformation. It features Minna Karha, the data strategist, and data culture coach, Shilpam Pandey, Data Leader at M&T Bank, and Jane Croft, Founder of Data To The People. In addition, the issue also includes an exclusive writeup from Vishal, the ODCL coach.

A huge round of applause and appreciation to all the contributors, who shared their valuable insights through CODEX Steward.

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