CODEX partners with SecureMax to ramp up Data & Analytics capabilities

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Date – 08-JUNE-2021

CODEX is pleased to announce its partnership with Secure Maximum Co. The new partnership will enable organizations to build data and analytics capabilities and drive impact to the business.

SecureMax based in Riyadh, KSA offering wide array of IT services, applications & hardware. Having 10+ years of excellence in empowering the most reputed businesses in KSA & expanding in other Gulf nations. The system & Application division of SecureMax offers its expertise in the area of Big Data/BI & Analytics, ERP implementation & Cloud computing. SecureMax is proud to have some of the most known consultants associated with it in the world of Big Data/BI/Analytics & ORACLE.

CODEX is a product of Naviz Analytics that works with Chief Data and Analytics Officers to build a culture of data experience from ground up. The program offers capabilities to assess the current state of data culture, build data literacy program, address data democratization needs, and provide data advisory services. 

We are super excited to partner with SecureMax. SecureMax brings in in-depth capability to build industry solutions for the customers all over the geographies. We are confident that together, we will be able to establish the analytics powerhouse in the region that will benefit the customers in driving business impact.

A recent survey by New Vantage Partners shows that only 24% organizations have been able to build the data culture. In addition, it reveals that 92% Chief Data Officers consider culture, people, and business processes as the top challenges to be data-driven. The cultural impediment is, by and large, due to the unsorted priorities, reluctance to change, and lack of business and data literacy. 

We are glad to find CODEX & the experience associated with it which will definitely add value to Securemax’s existing portfolio specially in the area of Big Data/BI & Analytics. We hope the experiences of both will stand us apart among the other competitors & together we can write a success story.

CODEX builds the culture of data from grounds up by helping organizations on four aspects of an organization – Data and Analytics Strategy, Data literacy, Data democracy, and the Mindset. While data strategy deals with the foundational and defense aspects like governance, security, and quality, data literacy and democratization enable and empower the workforce to comfortably work with data.

Codex is a strategic arm of Naviz Analytics that works with industry CXOs to build data driven enterprises. We specialize in transforming “Culture of Data Experience” by following Measure, Map, Build, and Monitor framework. Our capabilities include measurement of the current state of data culture, enable workforce with data literacy programs, and provide data democratization products for self-service and grow citizen roles. The program also offers a Voice of Data Culture (VoDC) monitoring tool that captures the true voice of the workforce and analyzes their verbatims using NLP techniques. The VoDC helps the Chief Data Officers in measuring the impact of data-centric initiatives and re-assess the strategies. Learn more about CODEX.

About SecureMax
Secure Max has two verticals in its portfolio 1. System, Application & services 2. IT infrastructure & Security. SecureMax is a fastest growing community which expanded its offerings through the businesses of KSA & other GCC in a span of 10 years. SecureMax founder & the other board member has held key positions in the Ministry of Finance, Telecom, Banking & Finance domains. SecureMax’s capabilities with leading-edge technologies & integrated systems & their work experiences led them to deepen the footprints on the ever-expanding grounds of a tech-centered world.



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