CODEX and O’Reilly announce strategic partnership

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Date – 03-MAY-2021 
CODEX, the strategic program of Naviz Analytics, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with O’Reilly to design and structure its data literacy program by leveraging O’Reilly’s world-class online learning platform.

CODEX is a product of Naviz Analytics that works with Chief Data and Analytics Officers to build a culture of data experience from the ground up. The program offers capabilities to assess the current state of data culture, build a data literacy program, address data democratization needs, and provide data advisory services.

The CODEX Data Literacy program will enable the industry leaders, business stakeholders, and technical teams to grow skills to explore, interpret, and apply data for better decision making. Through its ready to follow learning playlists, the data personas will not just get a chance to browse through over 60000 titles but also create their own custom tracks to achieve desired learning objectives.

We are very thrilled with our partnership with O’Reilly. At CODEX, we believe that data literacy program is not a training, but an organizational development program. O’Reilly’s massive knowledge repository will enable us to build comprehensive playlists with all-round subject coverage, for various personas like leadership, business heads, and technical data experts.

-Saurabh Gupta, the Co-Founder of CODEX Tweet

Creating a data culture within organizations is vital to keep pace with business and technology today, and the CODEX Data Literacy Program will help achieve this,”

-Rachel Roumeliotis, VP of AI and Data, O’Reilly Tweet

O’Reilly is excited to partner with CODEX to help facilitate the upskilling, reskilling, and training of teams around data, as well as other important technical areas of need.

O’Reilly provides individuals, teams, and businesses with expert-created content covering the areas that will shape our future, including data, artificial intelligence (AI), leadership, software architecture, design, and more. The customers of CODEX, who will be signing up for CODEX Data Literacy program, can be rest assured of a seamless data learning experience. The playlists will be built over high-quality content which includes books, videos, virtual events, and interactive learning scenarios.

Codex is a strategic arm of Naviz Analytics that works with industry CXOs to build data driven enterprises. We specialize in transforming the “Culture of Data Experience” by following the Measure, Map, Build, and Monitor framework. Our capabilities include measurement of the current state of data culture, enable the workforce with data literacy programs, and provide data democratization products for self-service and grow citizen roles. The program also offers a Voice of Data Culture (VoDC) monitoring tool that captures the true voice of the workforce and analyzes their verbatims using NLP techniques. The VoDC helps the Chief Data Officers in measuring the impact of data-centric initiatives and re-assess the strategies. Learn more about CODEX.

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