Data-driven transformation: Industry 4.0


Data-driven transformation: Industry 4.0

Healthcare | Retail | Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 will lead operations to the next s-curve of productivity

- McKinsey

According to Gartner, 75% of the organizations that are currently in the pilot stage of implementing analytics and artificial intelligence technologies will shift to operational phase by 2024. Therefore, organizations that do not act today in this direction will be left behind struggling for survival. Therefore, the onus lies on the top management or the C-suite executives to embrace a growth mindset and lead their workforce towards successful implementation of these technologies.

The report reflects the fact – how data is fuelling the Industry 4.0 transformation. The study discusses the data-driven business models that are changing the landscape of three prominent industries – Retail, Healthcare, and Manufacturing.

Download the report to learn about –

  • How are the businesses reacting to data-driven transformation.
  • Data-driven approach in retail, healthcare, and manufacturing.
  • How data-driven culture is transforming the fourth industrial revolution.
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