Be a Data Practitioner with CODEX Data Literacy Program

What is Data literacy?

Data Literacy is an individual’s ability to explore, interpret, and apply data. Data literacy has become essential for almost everyone in an organization. Corporates need more hands with the ability to interpret data, build insights, and ask right questions in the first place. At CODEX, we believe that data literacy program is not a training program, but an organizational development.


Learn how to use data to answer your business questions


Learn how to describe, aggregate, or generate insights from data


Learn how to apply insights and tell stories with data

Data Literacy for all personas – leadership, business stakeholders, and data experts.

Data literacy is for everyone. We offer bespoke program to address needs of different personas. While we build strong data foundation for everyone, we believe every persona needs little extra steps to be covered.

Leadership will learn how to enable data as a strategic asset in the organization and build business strategies with data.

Business stakeholders will learn to work with cross-functional teams to run data programs, build products, and grow citizen roles.

Data experts will attain technical depth to solve complex problems with data, entailing data engineering and analytics techniques.

CODEX has partnered with O’Reilly to build Data Literacy program. Sign up to access the playlists.

CODEX has partnered with O’Reilly to conceptualize and build data literacy program. O’Reilly online learning provides expert-created and curated information covering subject like data, analytics, artificial intelligence, operations, UX design, finance, leadership, and more. At CODEX, we have curated our data literacy playlists for the three data personas i.e. Leadership, Business stakeholders, and Data experts.
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CODEX partners with O’Reilly to design data literacy program