CODEX Data Democratization Strategy

The data democratization empowers the workforce to run more experiments with data. Consequently, the non-tech users, who have domain expertise, evolve into “Citizen” data roles. More eyes on the data, more questions and this could result in some unexplored opportunities.

Culture is all about people, therefore Culture of Data Experience holds true when “people” feel comfortable using data in their decision-making process. The Data Democratization program is a key stage while building the data culture from ground up. It enables self-service data for non-tech savvy users to explore, interpret, and apply data in their routine analysis and take insightful decisions.

Elements of data democratization

Evangelize the use of Data

Increase awareness on the usage of data and enterprise data strategy of the organization.

Discover personas

Define personas to reflect consumption patterns and map to the data access framework.

Curate data sets for ease of access

A repository of data models curated using system of records for power users.

Share self-service data tools

Low code products to enable self-service data by “Citizen” users.

Recognize data practices

Encourage data practices to grow “citizen” roles and data competencies.

Data Storytelling

Ability to build business-centric narratives with data and take data-driven decisions

Transform, normalize, and standardize your data with Zanus Data Integration

  • The inbuilt drag-and-drop ETL interface in the Naviz platform allows you unification of data from all your systems.
  • Combine and enhance data from multiple sources (cloud and on-premise) and visually sequence them without SQL expertise.
  • Quickly join MySQL, Redshift, CSV, Excel and hundreds of other data sources.
  • Keep your data current by making use of the default logical application every time your dataset is updated.
  • Write custom queries and data science actions directly in Naviz.

Get immediate real-time streaming insights with Zanus Data Visualization

  • Explore the data and uncover deep insights by visualizing raw data from across your organization.
  • Achieve faster page load times for millions of rows with real-time views of data.
  • Highly customizable visual layouts for data analysis using intuitive controls like color, text and images.
  • Visualize and track your KPIs on any device from anywhere.
  • Get notified instantly when KPIs deviate from your threshold by setting up customized.

Zanus Data Democratization platform

At CODEX, we leverage Naviz Data Democratization platform that empowers users to explore data from disparate sources and build visual dashboards. Non-tech savvy users can use the no-code products to build unified view of data across the business units and generate insights to support smart decision making.

Case studies

Lighthouse Navigate empowers your teams to access and share near real-time information directly addressing your ediscovery program needs. By rolling up all components of project spend into personal dashboards, you can access reports as often as you like and share access both inside and outside your organization to speed up your cost and time-saving decisions.

Serving the cannabis/hemp industry, ThingBlu provides leading edge technology to turn your data into Business Intelligence. A cloud-based platform solution that provides Workflow Management and Data Management tools that offers owners & managers operational visibility and control.

Key differentiators

  • Available as SaaS offering as well as on-premise setup
  • Thin client access for centralized access
  • Start small and build data-driven culture progressively

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