Measure. Map. Build & Monitor with Voice of Data Culture

What is CODEX?

The culture of data dwells on the fact that the organizational workforce builds a mindset to apply data in their day to day work and take business decisions. CODEX stands for Culture of Data Experience. And, as the name suggests, it offers an engagement program that aims to build data culture from grounds up through Measure, Map, Build, and Monitor framework. We engage closely with Chief Data and Analytics Officers, along with peer CXOs to assess the current state of data culture and build the plan of action to reach the desired state.

“Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion, and underperformance. Everything else requires leadership.”

Peter Drucker

The CODEX approach

Measure the state of Data Culture by personas

We run focussed data culture maturity assessments to capture the voice of different persona within the organization. Be it the leaders or business stakeholders or data experts, we hear them based on their data consumption pattern and build the synthesis of data culture.

Map the current state to the desired mindset

We analyse the responses captured during the data culture maturity assessments and run executive read-out sessions for the leadership responsible to build data-driven culture. We engage with the leaders and business heads to build plan of action to reach the desired state.

Build the Data Culture Roadmap

With the blend of interactive learning and expert-curated content, we run CODEX Data Literacy program in partnership with O’Reilly Learning. The data literacy program aims to make “data” personas proficient on the usage of data. We also empower front lines with Naviz Data products to explore data at their comfort.

Monitor: Data Culture is a continuous journey, not a race​

We periodically capture the Voice of Data Culture through configurable flash assessments. The survey responses are then fed to an AI system to reflect upon what topics are working well and which one needs to be tweaked to meet employee’s expectations.

CODEX Data Personas

A persona is a fictional representation of a profile. In the context of data, a persona reflects common behaviour to handle data and usual patterns to consume data. It helps to understand the target audience better and plan focussed actions. Based on our research, we advise three personas in a data-driven organization.


Business Head

Data Expert

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Data Leaders and Chief Data Officers

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Data Enthusiasts and Citizen Data roles

Voice of Data Culture

Our only security is our ability to change.

– John Lilly

Cultural transformation is driven by people. In the data-driven journey, it is critical to listen to the workforce and take actions to resolve their challenges. The Voice of Data Culture is a tool that regularly captures the feedback on data culture using NPS-like flash surveys and performs period over period analysis to reflect the adoption of ongoing initiatives and highlight top needs from the employees.

Voice of the Customer (VoC) is an industry standard research methodology to collect consumer feedback and analyse verbatims to better understand customer expectations. A VoC program helps business in build great customer experiences by pondering upon various subjects like product, quality, services, and support. At CODEX, we have built Voice of Data Culture on the basis of VoC analytics program to monitor the maturity of Data Culture over time.