Launching CODEX Data Assessments for Everyone

We are pleased to announce the launch of CODEX assessments for data enthusiasts and leaders. The FREE assessments are open for everyone to take any number of times. Currently, the product is available in two categories –

Data Literacy Maturity Assessment

At CODEX, we strongly believe that data literacy is not a technical training, but an organizational development program. It is not just the ability to explore, interpret, and apply data, but also the awareness of organizational data practices. The data literacy maturity assessment measures one’s maturity level on data culture, data analysis, data strategy, and data practices in the company. We have designed this survey keeping data enthusiast persona in mind. The “data enthusiast” persona is technically capable, aware of organizational data practices, and has the potential to be the change agent.

Take the data literacy maturity assessment now.

Chief Data Officer – Rapid Fire round

As per numerous surveys and analysts, the role of Chief Data Officer remains to be an ever evolving one but continues to receive industry’s confidence. As per New Vantage 2021 Executive Survey report, almost 65% of the organizations have a CDO position today.

The CODEX – CDO Rapid Fire is a 20Q round to capture the voice of leaders as in how strongly they agree or disagree to the statements pertaining to data culture, data foundational elements, collaboration practices, and data literacy. Please note this is not an examination, so there are no right or wrong answers.

Take the data literacy maturity assessment now.

At CODEX, we are passionate to build data driven enterprises by focusing on measuring the current state of data culture, working on an action plan to reach the desired state, and structuring the data literacy program, and building data democratization strategy for the organization. Please visit our approach or contact us at to know more.

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