About us

Codex is a strategic arm of Naviz Analytics that works with C-suite leadership to build a data-driven enterprise. At CODEX, we specialize in transforming “Culture of Data Experience” by the following Measure, Map, Build, and Monitor framework. We assist in measuring the current state of data culture, enable workforce with data literacy programs, and provide data democratization products for self-service and promote citizen roles. The program also offers a Voice of Culture monitoring tool that captures the true voice of data-driven practices and analyzes the verbatims using the NLP engine. It helps Chief Data Officers in measuring the impact of active initiatives to be data-driven and re-assess their strategies.

The Codex leadership holds a strong belief in data-driven decision making. With more than 35 years of combined experience in the “Data” subject, Saurabh and Jagan have been strong advocates of “Culture of Data Experience”.

Conceptualized by Harvard alumni

“The Culture of Data must start at the top and leadership plays a critical role in setting the expectations around the data-driven decisions”