Culture & Change

Culture & Change

Change is unavoidable during a transformational journey, quite often and rigid. We help organizations drive change management and achieve their transformation vision and goals.

Build the Data Culture from Ground Up

Build Data-Driven Culture from Grounds Up

We help Chief Data and Analytics Officers in building Data-driven organizations by fixing the data literacy gaps and enabling data-driven decision making for the workforce.

Build the Data Culture from Ground Up

Accelerate your data journey with ZANUS

Zanus is our home-grown no-code data democratization platform that enables non-tech savvy workforce to tell great stories with data and insights

Enable the Culture of Data Experience

Achieve Data-driven Business Transformation

Data Leaders identify data fluency and literacy as the biggest handle to achieve data-driven transformation.

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What we do

Data-driven culture is hard. We help organizations by focusing on three core elements.
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Data Leaders and Chief Data Officers

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Data Enthusiasts and Citizen Data roles

Data Culture is not a choice, but the Business Priority.

What is Data Culture?

A successful data culture means all business decisions are based on intelligent facts, data is continuously generated and collected to produce insights, and the workforce, including leadership treats data as a strategic asset.

Are we really there?

As per the New Vantage 2021 survey, only 24.4% organizations have forged data culture, while 92% leaders consider culture as the top challenge. Even established companies face challenges in building data-driven culture.

The Data Experience

The data culture enables the experience of facts and insights. The data-driven culture is built on the pillars of leadership, collaboration, data & analytics strategy, the data literate workforce, and data democratization.

Data Literacy Program

  • Access CODEX playlists on O’Reilly Learning Platform
  • CODEX playlist curated for data personas by learning tracks
  • CODEX helps you build bespoke data literacy track for you
  • Linear and non-Linear approach to drive productivity
  • Expertly curated, high-quality content
  • Multiple learning formats – live trainings, learning paths, interactive environments & sandboxes, certifications, case studies
  • Solve real-life problems fast with O’Reilly Answers
  • Deep insights dashboard to understand workforce’s learning behavior and trends
  • Slack integration and time-saving tools

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Zanus - Data Democratization Platform

Zanus is a no-code platform for smart data visualization and easy data integration. It empowers non-technical workforce (a.k.a. Data Citizens by Gartner) to explore data at their disposal and narrate insightful stories by visualizing raw data from across the organization and generate actionable insights.

Self-Service Data | Data Storytelling | Data Democratization

Discover your data

Connect to disparate data platforms, on-prem or cloud, using 1000+ prebuilt connectors

Model and Transform

Data Transformation as a workflow without SQL expertise

Data Marketplace

Expose curated data sets for Power Users as cubes

Security and privacy

Enable row level access and control access rights on data marketplace

Data Storytelling

Create appealing visuals to tell impactful stories with facts and insights

Adoption and accessibility

Access the dashboards from web or mobile

User advocacy

Understand user clicks and action to serve your customers better

Metric and KPI tracking

Setup alerts on your key business key performance indicators


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